by Jess Matsen

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released November 27, 2011



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Jess Matsen Tucson

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Track Name: laughing at tomorrow
I was sitting in a room over heads
Waiting for the lights to go out like they said
Seems like Ive been waiting for forever
Like never is gonna come

Drinking sideways like the good is getting lost
All my nonsense you try to put across
How we laughed at tomorrow
Like its never gonna come

Waiting for me in an uncomfortable way
Fold your arms and bite your nails away
But i know its never gonna come
Cause i know im not anyone

Shuffling feet on the side walk where you play
All the grass grows in an unnatural way
How they trim the branches for the people
Make it look nice make it look all the same
Track Name: tame you a lyin
There was a fly who came in from outside
Cause he didn't want o be cold anymore

I cant blame him for trying
I cant blame him for trying
I cant blame him for dying

There is a cold you don't know but when you find
The warmth of a home you've missed the whole time

I cant blame you for trying
I cant blame you for trying
I cant tame you a lion
Track Name: all in to one
City lights blur all in to one
Walking up and down trying to find some fun
There’s always someone in n out and on the run
But there’s only one thing on my mind

You can where a dress or denim jeans
Ill imagine the rest while you’re talking to me
We can lay it to rest but I’m not goanna sleep
Your talk is cheap and my resistance is weak
Your talk was cheap now I’m stuck between your teeth

I wake up with a pillow full of regrets
And a mouth that taste’s like stale cigarettes
The air mattress leaks from tiny holes underneath
Finding out the hard way the fast way to leave

Sunlight is pushing over the peaks
Traffics getting thicker on these tiny little streets
My engines old so when it’s cold she weeps
I’ve got 15 miles more then ill really get to go to sleep
got a couple more miles then ill be dreaming between the sheets