Old Bones New Homes

by Jess Matsen

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released September 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Jess Matsen Tucson

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Track Name: Deep in the alcohol
Driving up the old back road see the city that you know turn to black
My left hand grips the wheel as the other shifts the gears going a little faster now
Further on up the road it curves and forks you know so the cattle cant cross the high way
Decide to stop a while get out to take a piss and kiss you on your pretty lips

It’s a long way back now
Running out of fuel

I remember so little things at the right time I needed to remember them
It all just comes and goes whether or not you want to know what had happened
Many many months ago past spring and winter snows deep in the alcohol
I let my fingers slip from your cold white hip to find some other lips

It’s a long way back now
Running out of fuel
Track Name: Their little house

In the morning I’m depressive
Then at night drunk aggressive
I’m just here for free booze
Unemployed and always on the move
Love me like I’m someone else
Waiting for the ice to melt
My stomach makes me want to run
So here I go swiftly out the door
When it’s new I’m your man
When its old left lame to dance
All alone on a dusty shelf
Here I go ill have to help my self

On my way home
I hear my neighbors fucking
In their little house

Sounds like love being clearly announced
Sounds like lust the way the window seal pounds
Sounds like dust the way the wind blows round
Track Name: Where I sit
The winds trying to turn my page
Where I sit is cover in shade
And pigeons shit on shoulder blades
While women laugh at the mess that’s made

Purple mountains with spotted clouds
Hover over track homes that look so loud
Ugly to our eyes but they make rich men proud
Cause everything they do is innocent somehow

Kneeling at their bed praying to their lord
Saying sorry for those things n’ they don’t do them anymore
When everything’s been done and they’re hiding from the sun
Cheap prescription pills and maids to go on run’s

If your stuck behind the glass like the things you cant afford
Maxing out your credit cards while their knocking down your door
Pinching every penny that you find upon the floor
Trying to be better at what people loved you for

I know sometimes I’m shitty but you like my wit
They got rid of payphones and my cellular just quit
Waking up guilty with a messy head of hair
And a gut that’s so twisted up its hard to walk down stairs

Sometimes it feels nice to let your self destruct
And build something new over what was
I’ve been reading lately to learn how to write
And I’ve been sleeping lately all through the night
Track Name: An apple sits
Well if you cannot sleep you might as well dig deep to your mind
Try to find that hole the one that’s got you looking
Underground where you shouldn’t go the darkest parts that you’re made of
Well when i'm sitting around idle hands are the play ground
I tried to fit the mold but school always got so old
So I went else where to find knowledge at the bottom of a bag
Well when i’m fast asleep lately the dreams scare me
Because its people that I know and pretty girls that never close
Their eyes when they know your name putting my life in plain
View of the killing kind the flavor of your lips on mine
Is easy when I sleep when i’m awake its warning me
Go where you never find the worst is you but I never mind
An apple sits burnt inside the middle of it
I feel it in my mind rotten core but everything seems fine
Cause your high as hell as hell sitting on the wishing well
Throwing your pennies in a penny here and it’ll give anything I won’t mind
Anything for the best of kinds
Give me just what I need
Give me what’s close and sympathy
Trying to collect food stamps and paying the lowest possible rent
And I know it’s not alright but it feels really good tonight
So well all go get a round of ice cold drinks to wash it down
You’re just the kind of girl when I’m drunk and the world fits in my tiny hands
Drink it down like its lost romance
Cause I go for the killing kind and the taste of your lips on mine
But ill shrug you off to go to sleep
Alone with my bony body in-between the sheets
Track Name: Street lamps
Can I read your palm is your life short or long?
Everything is cyclical internal and individual
Like the engine in my fathers car broke down where we are
If you try to dissect my dialect to tell me what I really meant
Well that is only what it is to you so keep it there and ill keep mine too
And you cannot read my mind from the eyes it hides behind
Everything you say to me is fabricated ideology

When you got a picture from that camera for the first time did it scare ya?
In to thinking what will come next they’ll have one on every corner
Just like street lamps just like a mother with a peering set of eyes
Is it a curse or a comfort if they stole your purse or your secret numbers?
As a teen I stole cash from fast food chains and did lines from that
Shit on cars snuck in to bars and broke in to houses just for a laugh
Track Name: I am ?
I don’t know why a dog that shits attracts the flies
Bees buzz in their hives and their money multiplies
You don’t know that I sit around and think of why
Bugs they make that sound when the summer comes around
It’s hard to see you alone but you’re doing fine on your own
I picked up from the page of when we met when you left
That day is just a blur and now it’s hard to see what we were
I was hiding in a cave but they came and called me out to play
Ill just bring my self there’s no need for someone else
You know that I am I am that I am I am
I don’t need you as much as you think I do
I am that I am I am that I am I am

In long nights fear comes if you let it
I know it’s nice but your gunna regret it
Track Name: Eventually
I set a goal like getting old and losing weeks but its only tong in cheek so we laugh.
I write a word and then get stuck and then get free there’s always ideas chasing me.
The law of lands and lay out of all the plans well this is why we plant our feet like trees
Getting by on the things that get you high can only last some time but make a mess of things
So now I’m here stuck between the fear of the things that aren’t clear im a year behind
i found a sound its what ive larned to keep around but birds im always letting get away from me
the bread gets mold like the things that dont hold but i guess everything gets old eventually
Track Name: reached the bottom
sitting on the edge of a scary water slide waiting for the man to give the go ahead
cause someone reached the bottom they've easily forgotten how chlorine stains the skin, how chlorine kills the skin
capturing a feeling that's stuck to the sealing like a helium balloon it'll come down too soon
children keep their laughter like filled teeth with plaster in the Novocain saloon
ducks line the walls with fake lakes and water falls in an almost empty room left behind a silver spoon

sinking softly in to the leather on the chair you can only feel your breathing don't have a single care
eyes start their rolling out of you controlling the itch that stains your skin your stomach starts turning in
better get some matches tin foil and plastic straw to break the news of your new self abuse
the children keep on laughing they don't know whats happening its the innocence kept in
punks line the walls with fake faces and overall its an almost empty room but they left behind all they knew

and high low low how did we get here
Track Name: Glass Wicker Wood
And the wind that blows the trash around it tumbles just like you.
When the morning comes and we missed the sun at least we have the dew.
And the bike I ride will go out side and turn and turn in to
And the sirens sounds and the trucks their bound for the buildings that climb right through

Oh shit I didn’t know that we missed it and
Oh no while we were right on top of it and
Esaly its you
Oh yeah I know that you come right in and
Flip the pages to
Flip the pages to

It’s a stable ground? Nothing like I have found? What I’ve found yet.
I got an empty wallet and a nervous stomach but I’ve got what I need to.
It was a house that’s built some time ago I think 1922
It was underneath our feet and over our heads with enough room to fit me and you

Oh no their taking over all the known and making it a place that we used to go
This is always the challenges that people face
the blinds they cover you
Track Name: Eleanor
Eleanor ill watch you run around the yard
Looking for mice because I know it’s hard
You pause for a moment on all four feet
And look at me to claim defeat
Then you run away while I watch you hunt
Ill see you another day when your out for lunch again
And oh what a little life you live
Laying around all day like a little kid
Your past learning and uncomfortable speech
Your body is your language and it’s all you need

Leah I’d watch you run around the yard
Chasing after cats because I know it’s hard
You pause for a moment to rest your feet
And look at me and laugh to claim defeat
Then you’d go inside and make some lunch
You’ll try another day when you have a hunch again
And oh what a little life you live
Lying around all day like a little kid
Your past learning and uncomfortable trade
Just happy to spend time on the things that you made