in a corner

by Jess Matsen

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released September 26, 2011



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Jess Matsen Tucson

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Track Name: if only
If only
its a slip of the thumb that can be your inspiration
we spent all our time down by the train station
watching stars fall across the black of the night time
feeling good oh yeah feeling alright time
i could see your eyes they were staring at me
if only it wasn't through that old TV screen
if you know what i mean.
Track Name: with thought
With thought
entertain the thoughts of love
with lots of love
tangled in a weave you would
your self around
entertain the thoughts of love
with lots of love with lots of love
clouds in the sky will fall down
and maybe they'll bring your brain
along to the ground
entertain me with lots of love
entertain me with thoughts of love
with lots of love
Track Name: holding on to home
Holding on to home

ill be the stranger whose laughing at danger
while you compare ideas of everyone
inside of interest you hold up the pin prick
get the blood on the paper touch your tough to what ever comes your way
and ill hope for getting easily and out of

cause we all come home for a while
im holding on to that
in between some careless dream of a calm and call you back
in between a silent meeting in the back of a cold little car
and the heater don't work and you didn't bring a sweatshirt to cover you skinny arms
and you came and we went through that old apartment
doing lines off what you found
and we sat the whole night watching them fight about everything that wasn't right
cause you know when things aren't cool
drop your peace in the pool
and let the lights down low
ill give ya time then ill let i go
Track Name: ypl
candle burning with out the wax
concerned with the way you laugh
kind of meaning try ti memorize
keep repeating with a weak reprise
sleeping comfy in a cozy bed
lost of pillows for your many heads
you nostalgia when the season change e
try and blame the wind and the rain

starting all over again sounds exciting but it all depends
burning bridges from where i came
treading water just to build the frame
im pretty messy unorganized
like a kid who never realized
cleaning up after your self
only helps someone else

keep me on the back burner
low to medium heat
run around the whole wide world
till im what ya need
young pretty lovers laying on the grass
naked shapes as they go passed
hug and kiss like movie stars pretty soon they'll do it in the car
Track Name: cums naturlly
as you know we all have our ghosts demons and dark days
i pushed them away and swallowed a key what works for a while comes back naturally
ill cut you up some paper and even read the fine on a late night telephone line
willingly i sit here on the edge of what remains a wall that's crumbling from wind and the rain
timing is a trick that people tend to trade i would like to sit around and wait for better days
no where is a place and the inter wave divine trying to reach the people on the other side
drowning in the days i pushed against the palace-aides biting in to fruit that's sour and partly used
nothings in my way collectively the kids will play feeling left out even when Ive already been that rout
Track Name: with my self
With my self
pick you up and carry you
its not much but its all i do
resting day and day again
you'd think by now i wouldn't have any friends
blow them off when they just wanna talk
about what im doing and how I've been
well shaking had with my self
and taking books off the wrong shelf
and flushing meals
and making on line petty deals
and shaking hand with my self
and shaking hands with my self
make a point to make it clear
i live behind a wall of fears
and every doubt that cross the mind
and all those drugs that are still left behind
floating up and down my spine
you'd think by now i wouldn't feel
you'd think by now id have a movie deal
and making on line petty steals
oh and shaking hands with my self